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News items

The search for water ice on Mars

December 2003 - May 2004

Prospecting in 2003 by NASAs Mars Odyssey spacecraft has shown that there is a vast amount of hydrogen below the surface of Mars. See our pages on the search for water ice on Mars.

Thinning of the Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctica

October 2003

In October 2003, a team of scientists from the UK announced in Science the results of their study of melting of the Larsen Ice Shelf. The team's study revealed that the Larsen Ice Shelf thinned by as much as 18 m from 1992 to 2001 and that much of this was due to enhanced ocean melting. Read more ...

Antarctic Ship Rescue, Antarctic Winter

June-December 2002

The Magdalena Oldendorff, was trapped in the Antarctic winter sea ice, on her way back from the Novolazarevskaya research base. There was an international effort to rescue the ship and passengers. Read more ...

World's Oldest Ice discovered in Antarctica

April 2002

Ice examined by EPICA scientists at Dome C is believed to be 530,000 years old. Read more ...

Large Iceberg calved from Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica

November 2001

A large tabular iceberg (42 km x 17 km) broke off sometime between 4th and 12th November 2001. See images from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory [and animation] observed from the Terra satellite, launched in December 1999. This calving had no effect on sea level as the ice was already afloat.

The Greenland Qaqortoq Meteorite

December 1997

A large meteorite was witnessed over Southern Greenland on 9 December 1997. It passed south of Nuuk in a southeasterly direction and may have landed in Greenland melting a section of the ice sheet. Remote sensing satellites and aircraft have been used to try and locate the crater. Read more on this event ....

1996: The Jökulhlaup in Iceland

October and November 1996

Pages on the jökulhlaup (surge of glacier meltwater) from Grímsvötn caldera lake following the volcanic eruption under the Vatnajökull icesheet. We built up a series of remarkable images showing the effect of the volcanic eruptions on the Vatnajökull icesheet.